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What is this?

Bucket List Thing?

Hi, I’m Steve, a mid-40’s guy with the “brilliant” idea of getting into music creation for fun. More details about the project itself can be found here but the TLDR is: I want to write, play, sing, release and promote 90’s style classic rock songs monthly as part of my own musical journey and I’m going to rant, yell at the clouds, etc… on this blog and a YT channel.

Check out the blog, it’s just some old guy complaining… no, some old guy learning new sh!t…

To be fair, despite my lack of musical prowess, I have spent most of my adult life in marketing and information technology. Helping businesses to sell their products or services, B2B, B2C, etc… And I’m sure you, as a real artist, may find some useful information in here in terms of promotion and whatnot… I’m not selling anything, this is purely my hobby and the enjoyment of learning and helping others.