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YouTube Channels On Music Promotion I Follow

There’s a lot of fluff out there and really the goal of a career Content Creator is to get you to watch their videos (and Google Ads). So they will lure you in with “Get 10 million subscribers in 10 days doing this” titles and talk for 10 minutes stating the obvious. So here are some of my favorite Content Creators that provide good honest content, I will update this post regularly.

Musformation – No BS, straight to the point and good information

Record Producer/ Author / Podcast Producer/ Music Marketing Nerd – Jesse Cannon breaks down how to promote your music project, how to write songs you’re happier with, how the music business ACTUALLY works and how to make progress with building your fanbase.

Patrick Cc – Entertaining and some good experiments

Do whatever the F you want in this life. This is a sign to chase your dream. Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do. The reason you are reading this is because I ignored everyone who told me no and just chased my passion of creating. I love my job, I love making videos, and I will continue to dictate my own life because you support me. I thank you for that, now its your turn.